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ALPINA SYSTEM maintenance mainly aims to ensure that technological systems continue to function as required over time, through the use of suitable instruments. If such systems are conceived to last, maintenance becomes crucial for their economic performance. Maintenance combined with system operators training can further reduce operating costs. Indeed, instruction of users allows to implement preventive maintenance and diagnosis on site and in real time.

The new LDTA (Long Distance Technical Assistance)

The smart glass

The application

Supertec LDTA is the new app for smartphones and tablets dedicated to customers who have chosen an ALPINA-SUPERTEC production line

Supertec LDTA, in fact, allows remote customer support through what is now called augmented reality, with a considerable saving of time and money.

With the use of a special smart glass, the on-site technician can communicate any critical issues with us, showing them live and receiving the information necessary for solving the problem in real time.

Simultaneous translation eliminates language barriers by allowing technicians and customers to communicate around the world in their own language


The new proposed “after sale tech. assistance during pandemic Covid 19” for local assembly and start-up of the machines and the relevant electric circuits will be better than other proposed system of intervention. The tech. assistance will be carried out by local staff who in continuous contact with one of our technicians in Italy with the use of smart glasses and smart phones will be able to communicate and receive answers with the help of simultaneous voice translator in local language. A special smart glass will allow us to see the problem remotely: we can easily assist your technician on site in the assembly, and adjustment of the system. The connection will be guaranteed 24 hours a day. Through the viewer, all information will be sent to the technical center at our headquarters, and the solutions will be transmitted and recorded on the viewer of the technician working in the field. In practice, all the information will be available directly in the field of vision of the technician working on site, who will not have to take his eyes off the activity in progress, being able to read the information at any time. In fact, the smart glasses allow the technician to receive remote support from our expert in real time. Thanks to the camera, the expert technician at our office can see directly on his computer the problem that occurs on the place where our system is installed and immediately offers the solution. 

Finally, each PLC will be equipped with a serial port so that it can be connected to a modem that allows us to remotely intervene on the software.

This system, successfully tested in these two years of the global pandemic, provides a high level of technical assistance and eliminates unnecessary expenses for technical assistance on site, travel expenses of technicians, expenses for room and board

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