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(ALPINA) SUPERTEC provides a comprehensive range of after-sale  support  services that enhance  the performance and the use efficiency of the products delivered to its customers around the world, with the aim of increasing user satisfaction. As a result of the continuous performance increase of its products, (ALPINA) SUPERTEC has standardized the integration of  its equipment with a variety of excellent supportservices for its customers. Our  Customer Care Concept  is not  restricted to a reactive  approach, i.e. the implementation  of technical assistance in response to customers’ calls: our After-Sale Service is based on a proactive approach and therefore discreetly but continuously assists each customer after product delivery. (ALPINA) SUPERTEC therefore  ensures a skilled care throughout the life cycle of its products and supports the customer in the resolution of any issue concerning their use, so that the best performance and the fullest utilization of the features and benefits of the equipment provided can be achieved. We are suppliers of original industrial spare parts; We have been working in the heavy clay industry for many years and we can take advantage of our strong experience in this field. We are able to supply any kind of parts simply by working with the machine manufacturer codes (part numbers). We currently serve Customers all over the world. Thanks to our long experience in the heavy clay field, we get original spare parts directly from the producers. We provide our offers through the machine manufacturer codes. Our very light structure grant you very competitive prices. We are very fast in delivering and in replying to any enquiry. We can organize worldwide “groupage” deliveries to reduce your purchasing and administrative costs.

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