is a liquid fuel feeder to be fitted in the ceiling of the kilns for heavy clay industry. The high infiltration capacity both at the bottom and in the middle of the stacked products makes this machine to be indispensable for the preparation and temperature rise in the first firing zone. Thanks to the mixing of air-fuel, the elimination of any unburned residues present in the smokes is allowed. The fuel sent to the pipes by means of a pumping and dosing circuit is injected at low pressure and sprayed by means of the mixing with air which is blown at high speed. In automatic mode, the maintenance of the predetermined temperature is maintained by an electronic control system that controls the modulation.

Gasification feeders ALPINASYSTEM consist of:

  • Main fuel collector
  • Self-cleaning filter group
  • Pump group with by-pass
  • Distributor Group
  • Dosing boxes
  • Flexible hoses
  • Feeding openings covers
  • Electrical panel to drive and control
  • Mixing pipes
  • Electric fan




sono gruppi di alimentazione a olio combustibile o gasolio del tipo ad impulsi a circuito ciclico dove il combustibile viene messo in pressione, anche fino a 80 bar, da una pompa e viene inviato ai singoli iniettori mediante un gruppo distributore.

  • Capacity ( oil quantity ) for injectorsKg/ora 4/9
  • Injectors in the machine:  6/16




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